55+ Instagram Post Templates in 2019

Instagram has become the hub of social media junkies out there! Instagram was introduced as a photo and video sharing network, later taken over by Facebook. Now, it has successfully surpassed Facebook in terms of popularity amongst youth and celebrities. Not only are the young and famous sharing their happening lives on Instagram, their creativity knows no bounds with the fun they have with the features offered here. Speaking of the features, let’s begin with the incredibly interactive and trendy Instagram templates.

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1. What Are the Instagram Templates?
2. Which font does Instagram use?
3. How to use an Instagram template?
4. How to change a font on Instagram?
5. Why Should Business or Brand Use Instagram Templates?
6. How to Create Your Instagram Templates?
6.1 Canva
6.2 Preview app
6.3 Creative Market
6.4 Photoshop

Instagram has never ceased to introduce new features, and now that you can add to the fun, there’s no stopping here! Today, you can select from hundreds of Instagram post templates and make your timeline a treat to the eyes.

In this post, we will take you through 55+ Instagram post templates in 2019 and how you can use an Instagram template.

1. What Are the Instagram Templates?

Instagram Templates

Designing the right strategy to become popular on Instagram is crucial when you have millions of business lined up for fame on the same platform. One way to do this is to create a page with a unique identity of its own whether it is through similar posts or templates.

Instagram templates are pre-designed layouts with graphics, texts, and, at times, animations to help you post your mind with a few modifications. A cohesive set of templates become the very identity of a popular Instagram page if used in the right manner.

What’s more fun here? Well, you can use these templates for not just stories but posts as well. Make sure that you have the square ones for the posts which contain a video or a picture, and vertical ones with multiple types of media for the stories.

50% of Instagram Posts contain Emojis.

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2. Which font does Instagram use?

To be able to create your own Instagram templates, you should know your fonts right!

Instagram on the iOS smartphones uses Freight Sans for larger and centered headlines and Neue Helvetica of the system for the rest of the text. For Android-based smartphones, the system’s Roboto is paired with Freight in the same manner as in iOS. Proxima Nova is used on the Instagram website.  

You can use the above fonts to caption the picture or video that you wish to share with the world.

There is little essence in sharing pictures and videos as a part of your Instagram story if you cannot add your thoughts to it. So, Instagram introduced ‘type’ feature in the stories so that not one thing that you share on IG goes uncaptioned.

The ‘type’ mode uses various attractive fonts which vary from the fancy and stylish ‘Neon’ font Cosmopolitan, super-sleek ‘Modern’ Aveny T, and San Francisco Italic Bold (iOS) or Roboto Black Italic (Android) of the system for ‘Bold.’ The ‘Typewriter’ mode is another exceptional font which the users love.

Plus, Instagram uses Aveny T Regular for all the hashtag, poll, and location stickers that you use on your stories.

3. How to use an Instagram template?

How to use an Instagram template

Probably the most critical aspect of creating an Instagram template is to decide upon a visual theme. The theme defines and adhered to the very concept of the business.

A suitable theme will give your page a consistent color scheme with which your followers can identify your content. You can also form campaign-specific or season specific themes. The right color, background, layout, and media you use in your template can make or break your page’s image on Instagram.

If a template doesn’t work with the very content you are posting, your Instagram story templates or post templates on Instagram have little value in increasing the popularity of the page. Therefore, instead of focusing on getting the coolest template on board, focus on the one that brings out your brands qualities and is powerful enough to engage netizens.

The blank Instagram template is one trend which shows how well you can present your content. This is one theme you can seldom go wrong with.

Once you have your theme in place, you can always create the stories, posts, and even new Instagram templates for your followers.

4. How to change a font on Instagram?

Though there are five options of fonts in your Instagram stories, there are none when you are composing your bio or putting up a caption. Well, what if we tell you that you can access more fonts on Instagram? Yes, that’s true. With the various web tools and apps available on the internet, you can select from an extensive selection of fonts.

To pick a new Instagram font for your captions, comments, and bio, all you have to do is:

  1. Look for web tools which provide fonts for Instagram.
  2. Once you reach the right tool, type the text that you want to be customized in the text box.
  3. The tool will now show you several options for the same text.
  4. Select the one which suits the aesthetics of your page’s Instagram template the best and pastes it wherever you want.

Easy. Isn’t it? Absolutely. However, if you are a business or promoting a brand, we advise you to stay low-profile with fonts and save yourself from going overboard with them because they will only make your presence look tacky.

5. Why Should Business or Brand Use Instagram Templates?

All thanks to the increasing popularity of Instagram, more and more people are active here on a daily basis. Now, your focus should be to target this regular audience and increase followers of your page.

If you are a brand or a business that wants to establish its social media presence to increase sales, templates come in handy. An Instagram template may contain graphics, infographics, text, color palette, images, locations, and what not. Each of these elements gives a visual appeal to your brand. If you club the visual appeal of your page with engaging content and feed which your followers love and share, people will start identifying you through the templates.

The right theme, paired with interesting content is the recipe for a successful Instagram business and brand advertising strategy which can never fail. The Instagram template will gradually become the identity of your page and something that the followers will start expecting your posts to look like.

Any non-designer or designer can easily promote his or her business using the right template at the right time. You can either download or create your Instagram template with ease using photo designing and editing software. This is how marketers, designers, and individuals can make the most of Instagram!

7 out of 10 Branded Instagram Accounts use Post Templates.

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6. How to Create Your Instagram Templates?

Whether it is the Instagram stories templates or Instagram post templates, they are crucial for the promotion of your business on Instagram. And for achieving the best level of customization that does justice to your brand, you should consider creating your own Instagram template. However, creating an Instagram template can be a very daunting task for many, and they rely upon a blank Instagram template for most of their work. But this won’t take you a long way. So, here is how you can effortlessly design your feed to top the engagement charts on Instagram.

6.1 Canva

canva Instagram templates

Providing everything that you need for a fantastic design, Canva is one software with which you can create one-of-a-kind Instagram templates for your business and brand. It offers professional quality layouts so that you can post consistent posts and stories on Instagram.

You can use this tool to design a template by choosing one amongst millions of stock images available on the website or even by uploading one of your own. The stock has photographs, vectors, and illustrations which make your template more fun and interactive.

The photo filters and editing tools offered by Canva know no bounds, and you can use these filters to define your templates in the best way possible.

Several icons and shapes available here can be added to the template to make it look more organized and complete. You can opt for the one already there or introduce one of your own to it.

Here, you can access hundreds of fonts which will make your Instagram story templates and Instagram post templates stand out.

Canva is a free graphic design tool which you can access through the website or its graphic design app on the Play Store. To use the app is like a dream for any novice in the world of advanced graphics designing.

6.2 Preview app

thepreviewapp Instagram Templatre

The Preview App, as the name suggests, is an application available for all the smartphones and it’s free!

Preview app lets you design Instagram templates for stories and posts with utmost ease. Here are the steps for creating a template for your feed using this app:

  1. Select the color, color palette, or the image you want to use as the background for your template. For this, you can either use one of the stock images provided by Preview App or upload one of your own.
  2. Now you can go into the photo Editor Section and Editing Tools to add more elements to the template such as shapes, photographs, text, and sound. Here, you can also fix the brightness of the image or add elements bearing hashtags and dates.

You can schedule and repost an unlimited number of posts with the preview app without any fee. It is the ultimate Instagram template manager you could ever ask for.

With the preview app, you can also perform various hashtag related functions such as finding the most trending hashtag, grouping them, analyzing and testing them, and more.

6.3 Creative Market

Creative Market Instagram Template

When you are in dire need to bring your Instagram page on top, you need to play your cards right. And the perfect way to do so is by using Creative Market. It is a paid designing tool which offers more than 3,800 Instagram templates to elevate your social media presence on the platform. Every template has a theme and color palette of its own, giving you the opportunity to select the one which goes well with the very concept of your business and brand.

The pre-designed graphics and themes are arranged in bundles depending upon the occasion, style, sentiment, and purpose attached to them. You can select from packages which contain the best of Instagram Templates 2019.

The Indigo Instagram Template set, Animated Stories Templates, Clean Instagram Bundle, Instagram Stories bundle, Auburn Social Media Pack, Film Frames, etc. are some template bundles you will find on Creative Market.

Once you have downloaded the template bundle of your choice, you will have to use software such as Adobe Photoshop or illustrator to access the PSD format files it offers to edit them. You can now edit and modify the templates by adding animated or text elements to them.

Though there is no end to the amount do editing you can do to the templates you get on Creative Market, we will advise you to stay minimalistic. Less of unnecessary elements on the template gives your page a more accessible characteristic to your page.

6.4 Photoshop

photoshop Instagram Template

While other applications offer the ease of creating Instagram templates, Photoshop is a traditional software which gives you all the liberty in terms of creating high-quality designs which cannot be replicated by anyone else.

Cohesive templates which align with your brand image are the need of the hour, and Photoshop helps you do just that with an increased level of customization. It allows you to experiment with your templates well in advance on the desktop before you’ve decided upon the one that is fit for your Instagram page.

Here, you can create your templates or customize the ones already available in the software. Whether you are sending out invitations for a product launch or an event, everything can be edited at Photoshop to make it more appealing to the users.

Though the basic version of Photoshop is free, you need the advanced paid version to do the level of designing which will set your page on Instagram apart.

Often, finding the right template that matches the Instagram story template size is difficult. However, with Photoshop, you can define the size as you see fit and get designing!

For choosing the right Instagram template from one of the above apps and websites, here are a few features you should look for:

  1. The sizes of the templates. Instagram story template size and post template sizes should be concurrent.
  2. Make sure that customization of the template is possible in editing tools such as Photoshop.
  3. Ensure that you can use interactive elements such as GIFs, locations, time, date, hashtags, polls, and questions for increasing the social media engagement of the page.
  4. The Instagram template should be flexible enough to accommodate elements such as text, photographs, images, graphics, polls, and more. This way, you can step out of redundancy in the content and make it more dynamic.

There you go! The above posts try to take you through all the nuances of creating the perfect template for any brand business or individual so that you can enjoy an increased number of followers and added popularity on Instagram. The templates are not only useful for the social media presence of your business, but they establish a unique identity of your business, ultimately leading to more sales.