How to Find Instagram Influencers?

There is no denying the fact that Instagram influencers prove to be one of the hottest ways to reach potential and new customers in the digital world of today, especially if your target audience are the millennials. Although Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are good platforms for influencer marketing, nothing beats the reach and importance of Instagram in this regard. It will not be an overstatement to say that, when it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is the reigning king.

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2.2 Search using hashtags on Instagram
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In the present day and age, influencer marketing is no longer limited to something that looks good on a brand and is nice to have. It has become an indispensable way to reach out to people and ensuring the growth of the brand. Having said that factor, it is not like finding anyone with thousands of followers would do the trick for you. It is crucial for you to find Instagram influencerswho are fit for your products, services, and brand name. So, let’s delve deeper into the matter for better understanding.

90% of all of Instagram audience follows just a shy of 10 000 celebrities.

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#1 What is an Instagram influencer

To offer a basic definition of what is Instagram influencers, it would suffice to say that an influencer is an Instagram user with a large number of followers, high engagement rates, and established credibility. They leverage their reach and trustworthiness to influence the audience and provide a considerable impact on the market.

Keep in mind that this is just a basic definition and influence is highly relative to engagement, audience size, other factors that vary according to industries and niche. They might be famous fashion gurus, social media podcasters, or food critics. Instagram influencers can also be people with regular Instagram accounts, who either through hard work or by means of going viral now assumes important roles in the social media communities.

Though the top Instagram influencers’ role, reach, niche and other details vary according to industries one thing remains constant: he/she is a beacon for a certain product type, lifestyle, or brand. For many brands, an engaging influencer act as a good complement to and substitute for an Instagram advertisement campaign.

#2 How to Find Instagram influencers

When it comes to how to find Instagram influencers, absolute truth about the app is that there is no definite number that can define the extent of influence. I would suggest you look beyond the gross number and concentrate on the engagement and trust factor. I’ll simplify this for you further. Someone with a large number of followers who read their posts is definitely popular, whereas, an influencer is someone with a large number of followers who trusts their posts.

The key to a brand’s success lies in the quality offered by an influencer: how much engagement can he/she offer and how likely are people to follow his/her advice or lead?

2.1 Use search engines to search for topics + influencers

The search engines are ripe with a range of options that make it really easy for you to find Instagram influencers. While you can always take the easiest way of using search engines such as Google to look for topics + platforms (for instance, lifestyle Instagram), and get the names of the influencer profiles, there are a few other ways too for you to find influencers through search engines.

The Google alerts service might be old, but when it comes to the answers of how to find Instagram influencers, it is certainly not obsolete. All you need to do is open a Gmail account and ask Google to send you an alert every time some information regarding your chosen topic gets indexed by it. Suppose you are launching a line of red nail paints, you can ask Google to notify you every time the words “red nail paint” are used. You can pay close attention to the Instagrammers who cover it the most, and those are the people you are looking for.

Sub-forums or forums about topics can be easily found through Google or by going directly on Reddit, another popular search engine. The members of the community discuss various topics and the influencers that you are looking for might be among them or might be mentioned by the participants at some point.

2.2 Search using hashtags on Instagram

Instagram hashtags are a great way to find social influencers. The platform has way more potential than Twitter when it comes to helping you find the right people to take your brand name forward.

Using hashtags will help in bringing the influencer marketing for your brand to the next level by filtering out the influencers based on the context. For instance, if you are searching for influencers for the promotion of Audi A4, you should not go ahead and use generic hashtags like #cars, as that is too broad-based. Even #influencer will also give you results that are too generic to be of any use to you. Instead, opt for hashtags such as #AudiA4, which can help you to find the people who matter.

Your next step would be to take a look at their photos and decide if they look good enough for you. Beside the photos, you will also have to check the number of followers on the profile and the likes on each photo or video posted by them. You can also check if they are a blogger or have a website. Though it does not matter if they are a blogger or not, it does not hurt to check that as it can be used as an added advantage. Check whether they have given an email address or other such contact information where you can reach out to them.

2.3 Use one of influencer platform

As you already know that influencer marketing is a form of marketing where the entire focus is on people who are influencers rather than targeting the customers or audience. This type of marketing helps in identifying individuals who have a certain extent of influence on potential viewers and the entire marketing campaign revolves around them. How to find influencers on Instagram? Every brand that comes on Instagram to look for a specific influencer to work with has to go across a number of profiles. They use a number of filters to search for an influencer’s database and details like the number of followers, location, community, and if the audience is right for the service/product or no. Brands can use various platforms to search influencers on Instagram, and these platforms help in the following ways:

  • They have an in-built search mechanism that allows in finding influencers. Search is performed based on different measures that categorize influencers as well as their audience. You can either search them by the platform they use, number of followers, demographic info, influencer’s audience demographic info, etc.
  • They help in providing you contact information for the influencers you are looking forward to working with. This can help brands in direct communication with the influencers.
  • Some apps even help in managing campaign content, they take care of things like graphic creatives, ad text, hashtags, tags, mentions, duration of the campaign, deadlines, giveaways, and other features when you are working with multiple brands or influencers.
  • They can even help by supporting the promotional Ad content of an influencer via paid advertising.
  • If you are someone who is dealing with multiple influencers simultaneously, like most brands these days do, then these platforms can handle the payment process. It includes tax compliance, payments escrowing, etc.
  • They even help in analyzing the marketing campaign and the impact an influencer ad campaign has on the brand, including reach, views, engagements, real-time analytics, URL tracking, etc.
2.3.1 NinjaOutreach

NinjaOutreach, as the name suggests is an outreach tool that can help in finding business leads and social media influencers, no matter what niche or location they belong to. All you need to do is type in the keywords, and it will help in shortlisting profiles along with their email addresses.

They have automated outreach campaigns that will help in growing traffic to your website. It can assist in link building, guest posting, influencer marketing, digital PR and content promotion. If you are an email marketer, business, SEO agency, marketing agency, digital PR firm, link builder, lead generation specialist or a campaign manager who is looking for immense influencer marketing, then NinjaOutreach is the tool for you. You can get instant access to over 60, 00,000 bloggers and 250, 00,000 influencers on Instagram that too for free. I will mention a few more features of this tool to give you an in-depth knowledge of this tool works:

  1. Keywords- One of the most significant advantages of using this tool is that you can search influencers by mentioning specific keywords. It is a keyword sensitive tool so make sure you put variations of the same keyword so that you get what you are looking for.
  2. Management– It is a useful tool when it comes to organizing and managing thousands of contacts and export lists without causing the site to crash.
  3. Create email templates- This is another cool feature of the software, you can create email templates easily and send across your message. While doing this, you also get an option to choose fields that you might want to insert in your email, including
2.3.2 Heepsy

Heepsy is another marketing influencer platform that is known for its speed and reliability. It will help in finding ideal influencers for your marketing campaign in no time. It is a fantastic tool as it allows you to create a free account and you can try the features before you actually decide to use it for your marketing campaign. It is an ideal tool for people who have small businesses and agencies or even individuals. You can find the right influencers worldwide by using its advanced features and filters.

How can Heepsy help you?

  • They can contact influencers on your behalf and provide them with free supplies and products that belong to your brand. This can increase your brand exposure as you are using influencers for your campaign.
  • If you have launched a new product, then Heepsy can build hype for your product by inviting influencers to try your product.
  • With the help of Heepsy, you can look for the best influencers and in result increase your brand awareness.

Mentioned below are a few features of Heepsy:

  1. Location targeting- you can find influencers belonging to a particular location or country.
  2. Keyword targeting- Just type in the keywords, and you are all set to go.
  3. Metric targeting- If you have a particular demand in terms of the number of followers, then Heepsy is your knight in shining armor.
  4. Contact information- you can shortlist influencers who have mentioned their contact info in their bio.

2.3.3 Upfluence

Upfluence is all-in-one software for influencer marketing which helps brands in searching and identifying influencers for their marketing campaign. It is a cloud-hosted search engine that provides solutions for content management. Following are a few features of this platform:

upfluence Dashboard laptop
  • It has an enormous influencer database
  • Exportable searches
  • To ensure if the influencer is legitimate or not, they provide you with regular network updates and also ensures quality control screenings.
  • It has advanced search functions
  • You get current insights on the influencers you search
  • Helps in improving engagement
  • They also provide marketing support through strategists, media planners, and industry specialists.
  • All-inclusive tracking facility to assess the effectiveness of a campaign
  • Whether it is the influencer’s location, the number of followers, field of expertise, engagement rates, and other things, Upfluence will keep you up to date with these statistics.

Talking about the benefits of Upfluence, it can help in a lot of other things too:

  1. You only get names of quality influencers that are legit, because all these members are pre-screened by their reach, engagement and identity authentication.
  2. You can put as many keywords as you want, there is no limit to it. Using keywords can narrow down the searches in terms of location, issues covered, number of followers, etc.
  3. A spontaneous interface is the most significant advantage of using Upfluence. The results are carefully displayed in useful categories.

2.3.4 Veloce Network

In my opinion, the Veloce network is another influencer marketing service that is effective in searching influencers. Along with this, they even help with other different services related to digital marketing. They provide with a vast database of influencers and brands can choose the one they find suitable for their campaign. By using Veloce, you can filter influencers on the basis of niche, demographic, number of followers, gender, etc.

2.3.5 Insflam

Insflam is another popular Instagram marketing platform that has developed a smart bot which can help you shortlist influencers all around the world. Through its splendid data processing technique, it can deliver extraordinary valued insights which allow you to pick the right candidate for your job. Choosing the best influencers can make your products and services shine above your competitors. On the whole, if influencer marketing is done in the right way it can be a multiplier. It utilizes the reach, salesmanship, and reliability of a lot of influencers to promote your product to the end users. This, in turn, results in better perception, increased awareness, and corresponding actions.

This particular tool is a newbie in the world of marketing influencer platforms, but they firmly believe in making your marketing process easy. The most significant advantage of using Insflam is that they allow you to create accounts for free and you can even enjoy advanced filters for free. They can help you in giving reports on Instagram influencer’s performance. So when you know that you can get all sorts of influencer using Insflam, be it micro or macro, what are you waiting for?

2.3.6 Brand24

Brand24 is an easy and reliable way of tracking and engaging in online conversation which can be of great relevance to your business. You can use it to measure how effective your campaign has been so far and if there is any improvement in customer satisfaction or no. The primary goal of Influencer Marketing is that it should be authentic. The main job of an influencer is to pitch your product not because it’s their work to do so, but because they actually want to promote it to the best of their knowledge. Moreover, they will convey the information that is useful and worthy to the readers. And this is why it is important to choose tools that will help you in finding the best influencer as per your requirements.

Brand24 will help in giving you instant access when people are using your brand mentions across the web. You can keep a check on influencer score, which will help you identify people with the most social influence.  

Top 100 Instagram influencers have audience equal to the size of the U.S., Canada and Mexico population combined.

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#3. How much do Instagram influencers cost?

Off late, Influencer marketing has become a trending topic for almost all marketers. We can now realize how powerful it can turn out to be more specific, as a viable alternative to the traditional approach of advertising. While discussing Influencer Marketing, you need to consider your approach very carefully. Firstly, you need to plan, prepare a budget and formulate a strategy accordingly. With extensive research, you need to present and put together things in an organized way.

How much does an Instagram influencer charge per post? This is a fundamental and most asked question. According to recent reports, on average, influencers charge the following:

Per post- Around 300 USD

Per story- Around 50 USD

Per Instagram video- Around 500 to 600 USD

But again the cost varies from influencer to influencer, people with high engagement and a large number of followers usually charge a lot more than this and vice-versa. Giving a real life example of Kim Kardashian, I am sure most of you know who she is. Her single Instagram post will charge you around $500,000. Various factors determine how much an influencer will cost:

  • The number of followers- Well, this one is a no-brainer, the more followers an influencer has, the more they will charge per posts. This is because they have a vast audience resulting in more reach.
  • Engagement rate- Obviously you would want people to talk about your brand, and this is why checking engagement rate is essential.
  • Type of posts- Seeing how diverse the country is, you can make out the amount of creativity you will find on Instagram. Photos generate 36% more likes than videos, and this is why the type of post is another crucial factor to consider.

#4. Top Instagram influencers

Here is a list of top Instagram influencers of 2019:

Food influencers:

Jamie Oliver: (6.7 million followers)

Brad Lau: (620k followers)

Megan Gilmore: (70.9k followers)

Ashrod: (102k followers)

David Chang: (1 million followers)

Travel influencers:

Annette White: (99.2k followers)

Matthew Karsten: (153k followers)

The Points Guy: (115k followers)

The Blonde Abroad: (547k followers)

Eric Stoen: (82.3k followers)

Fashion and style Influencers:

Alexa Chung: (3.1 million followers)

Julia Hengel: (1.2 million followers)

Oscar Cobo: (162k followers)

Chiara Ferragni: (15.3 million followers)

Jenn Im: (1.7 million followers)

Beauty influencers:

Michelle Phan: (2 million followers)

Shaaanxo: (1.5 million followers)

Jeffree Star: (8.8 million followers)

Kandee Johnson: (1.8 million followers)

Manny Gutierrez: (4.8 million followers)

So, that’s it! Whatever be the goals and size of your campaign, you have a number of options, both paid and free. Are you all set to get Instagram influencers for your next big drive?